The Peak 2021 Was A Huge Success!

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1 3:44:06 Jeff Longcor

2 3:51:56 Chris Lorimer

3 3:55:10 Chris Diebold

4 4:01:29 Brett Campbell

5 5:03:24 Logan Walters

6 5:30:53 Andrew Byron

7 5:32:33 Brian Kaiserauer

8 5:34:25 Sebrand warren

9 5:36:39 Grant Foad

10 5:42:39 Pierson Reynolds

11 6:40:10 Ajay Rajamani

12 6:55:00 Angela Finley

12 6:55:00 Nicholas Weighall

14 8:42:56 Sangwon Suh

15 9:42:55 Matthew Hayden

16 9:57:44Patrick Mattes


Lynsey Haynes

Chris Greci

What: Hike and fly SPRINT race

When: April 17 -18 (weather dependent) 2021

7am-7:20 Check in

7:30am start 7pm cutoff

Where: Santa Barbara (Starting from Elings Park)

Who: P2 and above

Telegram Link: USA Hike and Fly

How to Sign up: Here

Entry Fee: $45 (Price of your Hoodie + buy in for winners)

Venmo: @Logan-Walters

Paypal: Logan Walters

Participation Earns: USA Hike and Fly Hoodie

Prizes: 1st place earns $$, 2nd gets entry fee back, 3rd gets 50% of their entry fee back

Additional prizes include gift cards from Mountain Air Sports and more!

The Peak: The Peak is designed for ANY pilot from hungry P2 to the crusty P5. Starting Elings Flight Park you will hike (9-13mi) and fly your way to La Cumbre Peak, take a photo and submit to the USA Hike and Fly Telegram Group. Finally, make your way back to Elings for a photo finish (submitted to Telegram)! Choose your own adventure, there is no right or wrong way to reach the turn points as long as you only use your feet and paraglider for transportation. Hiking roads, trails, and bushwhacking are encouraged. With over 4,000ft of elevation gain, this course is a challenge, but you can do it! One aid station will be provided at the Inspiration Point trailhead with water and snacks. While you are not required to go that route, it is the only aid station we can guarantee. You are welcome to organize your own support in addition, or if you choose a different route.

Equipment Requirements: This is the minimum you need on you at all times, highly suggested you have more.

  • Wing

  • Harness

  • GPS tracking device

  • Reserve

  • Phone

  • Helmet

  • IGC device

Rules of Engagement:

  1. HIKING and FLYING a PARAGLIDER are the only acceptable modes of transportation in this race.

  2. We use feet and miles for distance.

  3. You must submit a photo at your turn point and finish via USA Hike and Fly Telegram to be valid.

  4. Obey National Airspace Requirements.

Support: We are not providing support! If you would like to arrange for support, you are welcome to do so!

If you're hungry for bigger distances and a longer challenge, check out The Divide: you will have a one month window to complete a 60+ mile course!