The Divide 2021

What: Hike and fly month-long challenge

When: March 25 - April 25

Where: Santa Barbara

Who: Fit and Advanced Hike and Fly pilots

Telegram Link: USA Hike and Fly

How to Sign up: Google Form

Waypoint File is pinned in Telegram Group

Entry Fee: $25 (Price of your Hat)

Completion Earns: USA Hike and Fly Hat

The Divide: Starting at Upper Parma Park you will first make your way to EJ then the VOR Launch. The rest of the course will take you East past the divide to Chief's Peak Launch. Tag your final turn point on Oat Mountain before making the glide to goal at the Fillmore Vons. Expect top landings and tight takeoffs throughout the 62 mile course. You need to to be self sufficient enough to take care of yourself, and have the skills to fly, or choose not to fly, in varied conditions. You must complete the course in a single push, spending the night out is allowed. Bring your A game, this won't be easy. You can attempt this course as many times as you want, but in order to earn your hat, you must successfully complete the course in order, and document it with photos taken at the start, each turn point, and the finish from the ground. Photos should be sent via telegram to USAhikeandfly. Invite link is here.

Equipment Requirements: This is the minimum you need on you at all times, highly suggested you have more.

  • Wing

  • Harness

  • GPS tracking device

  • Reserve

  • Phone

  • Helmet

  • IGC device

Rules of Engagement:

  1. HIKING and FLYING a PARAGLIDER are the only acceptable modes of transportation in this race.

  2. We use feet and miles for distance

  3. You must submit a photo at your turn point to be valid

  4. Obey National Airspace Requirements

Support: We are not providing support! If you would like to arrange for support, you are welcome to do so!