USA Hike and Fly races take inspiration from the european paragliding race experience, adapting it to our own backyard. With less infrastructure and cell service, wide valleys and a lot more cactus than you'll find in the Alps, we know that Hike and Fly in the USA is a bit wilder and more rugged than what you'll find overseas... and we like it that way. We aim to provide an opportunity for American pilots to compete and develop their hike and fly skills, building experience and enthusiasm within our flying community, as well as practical know-how to make expeditions in these extreme environments possible. Our events are an opportunity to have FUN while getting better. A rising tide lifts all boats!

Who Are We?

Logan Walters first learned to fly when he was 16 years old in airplanes and helicopters. He chased rock climbing and adventures through the mountains, finally merging the two (flying and pushing the body's limits) when he began paragliding in 2017. He quickly began focusing on Hike and Fly racing as well as guiding, vol biv, and race to goal competitions. Without many opportunities for hike and fly in the United States, Logan started USA Hike and Fly with the goal to share, learn, and grow alongside this community. USA Hike and Fly has since put on 4 successful events, and Logan has been able to compete around the world, including the Eigertour in Switzerland, X Red Rocks in Utah, the UAE Hike and Fly Championships in Dubai, and the X-Pyr across northern Spain into France.  He is always looking to bring more global knowledge back to this passion project. 

Sophia Denison-Jonston is an elite rower and Logan's happy tandem passenger. She has spent most of her life chasing her passion for her sport, and has brought that fire and initiative to USA Hike and Fly. She is a bodyworker, coach, and athlete herself, competing at the highest level in the sport of flat-water rowing and even setting the world record rowing from San Francisco to Honolulu with three other women. With her in-depth knowledge of the body and how it works, she loves to encourage athletes to go somewhere they've never been before, whether it is realizing their true strength and endurance, or soaring over the mountains. You can find her rowing on the ocean, lakes, rivers, or hiking and offering support for Logan on one of his wild adventures.