Hikes Bears and Bushwacking By Mitch Riley 4/10/23 

An all-time adventure with Mitch in the Los Padres National Forest

Santa Barbara 9 Trails By Mitch Riley 4/10/23 

Mitch's experience racing legendary ultrarunning course with his paragliding kit 

Rain  By Logan 1/12/23 Photos from Chris Lorimer and Logan 

Wings and Feet need some special attention when the sky starts falling.

X-Pyr 2022   By Logan Walters 8/1/2022

There is something extra special about a full week of hike and fly racing.  It was hard, it was special. 

Late Summer Summits  By Chandler Haberlack 12/26/2021

Sub-optimal flying forcasts at the usual sites lead to nearby exploration and bucket-list mountain flights in Washington.

The LAX- Alps  By Logan Walters  Photos by Ben Horton 12/21/2021

A fun Vol Biv with Mitch Riley, Cedar Wright, and Logan Walters across the foothills and taco trucks of Los Angeles on the winter solstice.

USA Hike and Fly Events by Logan Walsters 12/ 14/2021

Descriptions of the types of Hike and Fly Events that we've seen so far

Lessons Learned from X-Red Rocks By Pam Kinnaird 10/18/2021

Pam shares 12 of the many lessons she learned while preparing for and competing in her first hike and fly race. She's hungry and ready for more! 

Climbing and Flight as a New Pilot By Chris Diebold 10/10/2021

Chris Diebold's perspective on a new sport, the spirit of adventure, risk assessment, and the resources that have helped him towards his goal of combining mountaineering and paragliding. 

Strength Training 101 by Sophia Denison-Johnston 10/5/2021

Adding a strength and resistance training regimen to your flying and hiking training is a great way to ensure that your body can handle many miles of long days and keep you injury free… plus you’ll get faster! It’s a win win win. You don’t need lots of fancy gym equipment to have significant improvement, and you don’t even need to take large amounts of time out of your day! 

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