Wasatch Hike and Fly 2023

What: Two Day Hike and Fly Race

When: August 12th-13th

Where: Salt Lake City Area

Who: ADVANCED/ PRO PILOTS- we may require video or igc proof of competence 

Telegram Link: USA Hike and Fly

How to Sign Up: Wasatch Hike and Fly Application 

Entry Fee:  $150 - We will request payment after receiving applications.

 Prize:  TBD (Salewa, OpticNerve...)

Course:  TBD... expect this course to be long and challenging pushing your abilities in the air and on the ground in the Wasatch Mountains.

Possible courses.  We may choose one of these, more will be added as the event nears.  

My goal is to make this as fun and safe as possible in an amazing location. Expect 50 to 150 miles over two days!

You are an expert to compete and we expect you to make excellent decisions even when exhausted.  

On the morning of August 11th we will finalize the course.  August in the Wasatch mountains can have some of the best flying conditions imaginable, or the worst, and everything in between.  We want the most up to date weather forecast at the time the course is announced.   If the weather is fantastic expect a long course with lots of flying oportunity.  If the weather is challenging, expect more walking/running, like all hike and fly events.

Look for the latest news on the "USA Hike and Fly" Telegram group.  

Equipment Requirements:  This is the minimum you need on you at all times, on the ground and in the air, highly suggested you have more. 

Rules of Engagement:

Support: A supporter is not required however suggested.  Multiple participants may use the same supporter.