The Divide '23

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What: Sprint Hike and Fly Race

When: March 25, 26

Where: Santa Barbara, CA

Who: P3 + Pilots, you must have good launch and landing skills 

Telegram Link: USA Hike and Fly

How to Sign Up:  Registration Closed

UPDATE: Adventure SOLD OUT! 

Entry Fee:  Pay when registering, please put "Divide" in the subject and pay the appropriate amount for what you are signing up for. 

$100 Race cost (for both days)

$150 Race with Clinic " Adventure" 


Prize:  PRIZES TBD - Brought to you with partnership from Salewa, Mountain Air Sports, Eagle Paragliding, Optic Nerve and Yerba Cha!

Overview:     Two Day Race

 The first day will be a fun task around the Santa Barbara area.  Logan will lead an adventure group on the same route as those that decide to race, that will be the clinic which for those that which to partake, we will go over advanced launching and landing, fueling, training tips, weather, apps, etc...  Then Day Two will be the second day of  Sprint racing.  Both days will be similar to the Gibralter but LONGER! We have more daylight in March so expect a 10+ hour course...

Course:  All day hike and fly of similar flying to hiking time.  This will aim to be very similar to our previous  Gibraltar Sprint race with more distance and more options.  These events aim to engage all level of pilots with good launching and landing skills.  Being a good pilot and an athlete is key to success.

Plan to start in the Santa Barbara county.  Location is subject to change based on weather, and will be finalized on March 20th.  Expect all day courses with big elevation hikes (6,000 to 15,000 ft elevation gain) and cross country flying! 

Format: The course options will be laid out in early March so people can prepare, we will make multiple courses to account for different weather conditions.  There will be up to 15 waypoints that competitors must reach, in order, and each waypoint has points associated with it (LZs at the bottom of the mountains will be worth more points, goal will be worth the most amount of points).  All the Waypoints must be tagged on the ground with a photo or track-log for evidence (good time to figure out how to track your day). 

You may opt to skip waypoints based on conditions or timing and will not earn the points from that waypoint, we want to emphasize making goal by the cut off time (19:00). Placement is based off points and in the event of same points, finish times will be the deciding factor. 

Turnpoints must be tagged in order. The emphasis on making goal. You may skip points, it will be reflected in your score. 

There will be winners of both days as well as an overall winner!  But more importantly two days of fun hike and fly. 

You do not have to compete both days in order to come race.  Adventure Pilots have the option of racing solo day two. 


12:30 Adventure Class at the training hill (technical skills workshop)

16:00 Adventure Class for course breakdown, tactics, weather and other tips


8:00 proposed check in for long course - Santa Barbara (Rattlesnake trailhead)

8:30 Proposed Start - long course 

10:00 Adventure and normal length course check in - Carpinteria (Grass park at the end of Linden)

10:30 Start - Normal course 

19:30 cut off time all courses - Island Brewing Carpinteria 


6:30 loading time from Santa Barbara - (Escondido Park) We are setting up carpools, if you have your own ride to the start let us know.

7:30ish Start - Snyder Trail on Paradise road 

17:00 Cut off (Escondido Park)

*X Red Rocks Qualifier... 

Supported by YERBA CHA & Optic Nerve

Equipment Requirements:  This is the minimum you need on you at all times, on the ground and in the air, highly suggested you have more. 

Rules of Engagement:

Support: A supporter is not necessary for this race, your entry fee goes directly into providing snacks, drinks and shuttle to the start and from goal (or short of goal). If you choose to use other support please be willing to offer that support to the other competitors.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to do their best.

Registered        Paid = ~    Adventure = A

Patrick Murphy ~

Philip Massoud ~

Blake Rankin ~

Kevin Carter ~

Stephen Guyette ~ A

Chris Garcia ~

Maxim Kazitov ~ A

Pamela Kinnaird

Jake Rendina ~ A

Chris Diebold ~

Matthew Matera ~ A

Francois Appere ~ 

Zac Koppe ~ A

Tyler Sell ~

Aaron Gale ~  A

Grant Foad ~

Ben Walker 

JM Redding ~

Dallin Johnson ~

Stan Barankiewicz ~

Chris Lorimer ~

Michael D Vergalla ~

Sebrand Warren ~

Alex Tenenbaum ~

Reavis Sutphin-Gray ~

Lynsey Haynes ~

Bummy Koepenick

Nicholas Weighall ~

Greg Blanc ~

Andrew Melville

Matthew Walker ~ A

David Chen ~