ForePlay 22

What: Race to Goal

When: November 16 - 23 Holding period

Where: Santa Barbara, CA

Who: P2+ Pilots (Limit 50 pilots)

Telegram Link: Telegram Group Click the link to join! Task Days, Start Time, Tasks are all announced there.

How to Sign Up: Three things!!

XC Demon

ForePlay Form

SBSA Membership

Entry Fee: $15 and an SBSA membership

Venmo or cash are accepted (click the word "venmo" for the link to pay)

Prize: The entry pays for scoring and the winner of each class will split the rest!

Classes: 1) A / B / C Wings

2) D / CCC / OPEN Wings

Waypoint Files: HERE

Course / Outline: November is some of the best flying in Santa Barbara and it seems that every year some of the most eager pilots from around the country come to get some. Unlike most of the rest of the country this is the very start of our season hence the "ForePlay." Our arena is not huge and we spend more time thermalling below ridge height than gliding which is one of the reasons we could never have a Nationals event here, but a fantastic place to train and land on the beach with tacos. We run monthly tasks from October till March known as the Hoedown for you to get tuned up and two years ago had our first ForePlay. It was awesome with 30 pilots racing across the range even scoring an awesome 69km task into Ojai. So time to do it again. Get your SBSA membership and fill out the form above. We are not providing rides to launch but the Eagle Van and other vehicles will surely get you to launch ($10). It is then up to those that bomb out to come retrieve, so normal flying stuff. We suggest you fly with an InReach as there is not service once we head downrange, and please buddy up (this doesn't mean you have to fly together but at the end of the day just make sure your "buddy" made it home. )

There will be three task days within the holding period, more like a surf contest, and we will try and call these days as far in advance as possible but no later than the evening before. Tasks will be called the morning of and start time will be delivered on the task board at launch and also on telegram for those that utilize other launches.

To make scoring easier please signup in advance on XC Demon! You can also find the waypoint file on the HoeDown website, the top of this page or on XC Demon.

Review the Santa Barbara site guidelines


  1. Submit valid IGC or time stamped photos for submission with in a few hours of task deadline.

  2. Fly within the weight class of your glider

  3. Have a Radio

  4. Fly with the right size reserve parachute

  5. Wear a helmet

  6. Current SBSA membership

  7. Sign Up on the HoeDown Site too

  8. Don't Crash

  9. Rules are subject to change at any point