Chief's Peak Hike & Fly

Partnership with Topa Topa Brewing and Ojai Raptor Center

What: Sprint Hike and Fly Race

When: October 31

Where: Ojai, CA

Who: P2+ Pilots

Telegram Link: USA Hike and Fly

How to Sign Up: Form

Entry Fee: $50 ($20 of your entry fee goes to the Ojai Raptor Center)

Entry/ Prize: Exclusive USA Hike and Fly Tech shirt. First Place gets a refund. Many gift certificates and 2 for 1 BEER at Topa Topa Brewing.

Course: Starting near Rose Valley, you will hike 4-9 miles to the ridge. You will make your way to Chief's Peak to find a suitable launch before making the flight to Ojai. Choose your own landing site at your own risk prior to making your way to Topa Topa Brewery in downtown Ojai where the clock stops. We suggest downloading maps prior to starting the race as cell service is marginal. There will be a resupply on the ridgeline* with water and snacks. We will have a blog post on this site to help you prepare hiking and landing options.

Equipment Requirements: This is the minimum you need on you at all times, on the ground and in the air, highly suggested you have more.

  • Wing

  • Harness

  • GPS tracking device

  • Appropriate Reserve

  • Phone

  • Helmet

  • IGC recording device

Rules of Engagement:

  1. HIKING and FLYING a PARAGLIDER are the only acceptable modes of transportation in this race.

  2. We use feet and miles for distance

  3. You must submit a photo at your turn point to be valid.

  4. Obey National Airspace Requirements and VFR at all times

  5. Movement is allowed from 6am till 8pm everyday with a mandatory check in at 8pm

  6. Pre planned team flying with non participants is not allowed

  7. Non assisted launch only

Support: A supporter is not necessary for this race. There will be limited space available to spectators to ride up to the ridge (subject to road closures*), please understand that the support vehicle will not drive down until all pilots are airborne.

There may be two course options depending on the weather and with the possibility of a more advanced course requiring an extra turn point or two! Everyone will be racing the same clock...

Download the PDF for our event here