The Cascade Scramble 2021

What: Hike and fly month-long challenge

When: June 1- July 10

Where: Leavenworth WA

Who: Fit and Advanced Hike and Fly pilots

Telegram Link: USA Hike and Fly

How to Sign up: Form

Waypoint File will be pinned in Telegram Group

Entry Fee: $25 (Price of your Hat)

Completion Earns: USA Hike and Fly Hat

Cascade Scramble:

This course must be completed in a single push but there is nothing preventing re-supply, multiple nights out, and many attempts. Share your progress on the telegram group so we can keep an eye on you and root you on! The goal is to complete the course. Its not a race, the goal is completion. As we discovered in last month-long task, these are a blast; they are challenging, and highly depend on conditions. Have fun and be safe, no awards for stupid decisions. USA Hike and Fly holds no liability for the decisions you make as PIC. This course is 100% volunteer based and meant to be a fun adventure. Successful course finishers of any USA Hike and Fly course (including this one), are eligible to buy a USA Hike and Fly Hat.

Start in Cashmere at Riverside Park with your first photo and make your way to the first turnpoint, a 1000m cylinder around Mount Stuart in the air. The rest of the turnpoints will be from the ground and require a photo at each spot. The second point is high on Chumstick ridge with many launch and landing options— be extra patient mid day! After that you will make your way to Chelan Butte for a photo from the top to complete your third turnpoint. You'll get back in the air towards the fourth and final turnpoint on Burch mountain before your final flight down to the finish line at Riverside Park in Cashmere to pack it up on the grass. Have fun and be safe, part of this course is making good decisions, forecasting and flying the day and with over a month to earn it, choosing the days to attempt will be half the fun. Team flying is encouraged.

START: Riverside Park (ground photo)

  1. Mount Stuart (cyclinder 1,000m, photo optional)

  2. Chumstick (ground photo)

  3. Chelan Butte (ground photo)

  4. Burch Mountain (ground photo)

Finish: Riverside Park (ground photo)

They waypoint file is pinned in the telegram group.

Equipment Requirements: This is the minimum you need on you at all times, highly suggested you have more.

  • Wing

  • Harness

  • GPS tracking device

  • Reserve

  • Phone

  • Helmet

  • IGC device

Rules of Engagement:

  1. HIKING and FLYING a PARAGLIDER are the only acceptable modes of transportation in this race.

  2. We use feet and miles for distance

  3. You must submit a photo at your turn point to be valid

  4. Obey National Airspace Requirements

Support: We are not providing support! If you would like to arrange for support, you are welcome to do so!