August Vert Challenge 2022

Mid Summer Motivation!

August is a great time for hike and fly all over the USA so we want to get everyone involved. This is a virtual challenge you can do right in your backyard, extra style points for flying down and carrying your kit (not required). Only for elevation gained on the ground.

The best way is to join the USA Hike and Fly group on Strava.

However not everyone Stravas so you can send us a weekly tally of your vert using one of the many other tracking/fitness apps. Distance doesn't matter! We will then tally weekly totals and update a leader board every Monday through the month of August.

Entry fee: Nope

Prizes: Yup!!

Week 1 Results:

Chris Lorimer 9698

Dave Preston 9085

Mike Vergalla 8435

Reavis 8363

Stefan Mitrovich 7316

Francois Appere 6850

Zach Richter 4937

Mitch Riley 4459

Tyler Burns 4318

Sebrand Warren 3072

Nik Hawks 2921

Pam Kinnaird 2645

Ribs 2249

Chris Garcia 2130

Eric Beckman 1860

Jay Drescher 1782

Austin Cantrell 1762

Ben Horton 1748

Jake Rendina 1545

JB Drake 1329

Phil the Thrill 253

Blake Rankin 147

Lindsay King 13

Logan Walters 11877